Urban Garden Design With Wall Fountains

Garden and landscape design is a relatively recent art form in a modern sense that dates back to the 14th century Italian villas of the Renaissance for its cognomen and spiritual center. Designing a good garden requires knowledge of several disciplines, including topography, land usage, horticulture and architectural elements. Designing for a small, urban space requires focusing a design on one or two aspects, and aiming for the overall goal of a harmonious composition of topographic, architectural and horticultural elements. Because an urban garden lacks the space to subdivide it into “natural rooms”, and may have several competing elements from the surrounding city, wall fountains are a popular choice for any urban garden design. Get more information about incorporating wall fountains with your unique space at http://www.witch-crafted.com/garden8.htm. Wall Fountains As A Design Element Fountains are stand alone design elements (or abut the side of a building) that cycle water from a catch basin to the top, creating a sheet of water over a desirable surface – many designs include Indian slate for their backdrop, or granite, and even pebbled concrete fountains are used in some areas. The design goal of wall fountains in urban garden design is to provide the visual and auditory focus of the garden. They offer people visiting the garden an opportunity to listen to the sound of water rather than the bustle of traffic, honking of horns and the interminable chatter of cell phones carried by strangers. Areas leading to wall fountains usually include a few key design elements – a walkway through the garden, and a leading tie in with trellis bushes and shrubs, which generally frame the garden. Planting beds, and regularly cycling through which bulbs get planted when, is a great way to keep your urban garden fresh in appearance and scent. And gardening and planting is a worthwhile hobby for many people. For a great resource on landscaping and wall fountains check out. Choosing good wall fountains means choosing one that can stand up to the elements of your current climate. It needs to be able to handle sunlight. If you’re in a northern climate, it needs to be able to handle being shut off and drained in the winter. It’s very important to drain your fountain before it gets too cold. A frozen pump or water line can shorten the life of fountains so you should therefore make sure all the water is drained and removed from the fountain prior to temperatures dipping into the 30s. Water Fountains For You Fortunately, buying and installing wall fountains in your garden is affordable and a reasonably simple process. Hooking up the water and getting the pump started does not take that much time and before you know it, your new water feature will be the eye catcher of your garden design project. Make sure you take into account details like the lay of the land, drainage patterns, the placement of planting beds, sunlight, wind path and shade trees (or surrounding walls) when setting up your garden as well as setting up your wall fountains. Learn more about wall fountains at http://33isthenew23.blogspot.com/2007/11/looking-for-fountain-to-spruce-things.html. Fountains offer the burbling of running water creating a nice peaceful atmosphere to your garden. Consider wall fountains as part of your next home and garden make over and so you’ll be sure to be adding design elements that are appealing and enjoyed by all who take a stroll in your urban garden. Published at: https://www.isnare.com/?aid=219385&ca=Gardening

Outdoor Deck Design Using Wall Fountains

One of the ways that a lot of people improve the appearances of their backyards is through adding deck additions, and one way to spruce up your deck design is through the addition of fountains. Wall fountains make exceptional additions to any deck design, because decks have plenty of the one thing that it takes to install one: a flat surface on which to hang them. However, many wall fountains today are designed with solid bases and some people simply place them on the ground in a garden, patio or yard setting and they look great. Outdoor Deck Designs and Water Wall Fountains While there are ways to make your backyard deck more visually appealing, in general the basics behind deck design dictate that it should have sharp lines and tight corners, and not a whole lot of “over design” or fancy design to it. Decks are not generally where you implement a lot of fancy cutting or shaping, so your deck may end up appearing rather plain in comparison to other yard, patio or garden designs. That does not mean that your deck has to be plain forever, not when you consider everything that you can do using water wall fountains in conjunction with your outdoor deck design. Learn more about the incorporation of wall fountains with your home at http://www.witch-crafted.com/garden8.htm. Water wall fountains make stunning additions to deck design because they come in a variety of different sizes, shapes, colors, textures and materials. There is no reason why you cannot find the perfect fountains to suit the design of your outdoor deck, and the rest of your yard for that matter. Even if your yard, garden or deck are rather plain in appearance, there are plenty of unique fountain designs that may fit perfectly with what you already have going on out back. Choosing the Right Water Wall Fountains Water wall fountains, as was mentioned earlier, come in a wide variety of different sizes and shapes, as well as a myriad of different designs, themes, colors, textures and materials. The size and shape of your wall fountains should be dictated by the design of your deck, as the two should work together rather than against one another when it comes to completing the design of your backyard or garden. If you have tall walls that need something aesthetically pleasing to fill them, you may consider tall standing fountains, which will fill the space nicely. On the other hand, shorter areas like benches, or short walls may better benefit from the installation of shorter or horizontal fountains, which fill wider spaces nicely and do not climb as high. Get familiar with different outdoor design techniques with wall fountains at http://www.gatewayconst.com/outdoor-design.html. As far as texture, color and style go – the choices are really up to you. You should choose wall fountains that work well with the theme of your yard. Even if you do not think your yard or garden has a theme, it more than likely does. Are you going for pale colors, or bright? Are you incorporating a lot of water, or a lot of wood? Look at the elements that you have already established in your yard or garden, or surrounding your outdoor deck, and work from there. Choosing wall fountains that suit the appearance of your deck’s theme does not have to be a difficult task, as long as you know how to coordinate everything to work with each other rather than against. Find out more about wall fountains at http://blissfully-neurotic.com/?p=790. Choosing the right fountains for your outdoor deck design is completely up to you. Likewise, if you already have water wall fountains and want to implement a deck, your ideas and inspiration are what truly matter. As long as the colors, textures and themes have some sort of relevancy to one another when combining deck designs with wall fountains, you have probably found a match worth pursuing. Published at: https://www.isnare.com/?aid=219197&ca=Gardening

Modern Garden Design With Wall Fountains

Choosing the right water features for your modern garden designs involves a lot more than simply the aesthetic flavor. Wall fountains are becoming increasingly popular as a staple feature of entryways, patios, decks and lobbies not to mention extraordinarily popular in gardens and yards. Take your time to choose the right one that fits what you are looking for. A good way to do this is to simply look at wall fountain pictures from a printed catalog or high quality online retailer, close your eyes, and visualize how the fountain would look in your garden. Choosing Wall Fountains Before you start off on your quest for the right wall fountains for your modern garden, you need to consider where in your garden your water wall fountain is going to be placed. Do you plan to put it along a stone or brick wall in the back of your garden, or closer to the front where it will have more visibility? Where you decide to place your water feature will help you determine what type of wall fountain to purchase. Some people buy their fountain of preference first, but often bring it home to find out that it does not coordinate with their modern garden design, or that it does not fit where they thought it might. This is why you should examine the space that you have long before you consider what type of water wall fountains to purchase. Learn more about landscape design with wall fountains at http://www.gatewayconst.com/outdoor-design.html. Themed Wall Fountains What is the current theme of your modern garden? Modern garden designs can take on a number of different themes. Modern wall fountains with Zen themes, for example, may not blend in well with classic marble and statuary filled gardens that have more of an ancient Roman theme. It is important that you choose water wall fountains that coordinate well with the décor and theme that you have already established in your modern garden. Otherwise, your wall fountains may simply not fit in, which can disrupt the look or feel of your sacred space. Find out more about Zen garden design with the use of wall fountains at http://www.witch-crafted.com/garden8.htm The next thing that you need to decide on is what type of wall, and where you will put your brand new wall fountain. Are you considering a large sized wall fountain that is more vertical than horizontal? Or are you looking into horizontal wall fountains that take up a lot of horizontal space instead? The type of fountain that you plan on purchasing will play a determinant role in where you can place it, but you should also look at your options long before you choose a specific fountain to purchase. Different fountains can really enhance certain walls, because they draw the eyes in different directions. Vertical water wall fountains, for example, tend to draw the eyes upward and then beyond. Lower walls on the other hand are best suited for smaller, horizontal water features, because tall, narrow features would look cramped on walls that do not accommodate them fully. You must consider both your wall options and your fountain options before you do any serious planning, otherwise you may end up with a situation that you simply do not like. Learn more about the benefits of incorporating wall fountains with your home, yard, garden, or patio at http://shopazone.blogspot.com/2007/11/garden-foundations.html. So here is what you need to know when purchasing water wall fountains for your modern garden design: Decide where you want to place your wall fountains before you purchase them. The reason being is – when you go shopping, you have the measurements, location and other pertinent information in mind. Also, consider what kind of fountain you have in mind before you go shopping, so you can eyeball your garden or other preferred installation location, before hand. If you don’t think it will work, don’t risk it; otherwise you may end up with an expensive garden fountain with no place to put it. Published at: https://www.isnare.com/?aid=218158&ca=Gardening

We always see experience and perceive any interior space in elevation. This means that walls are the first things of any structure that create an impact on our mind. The quality and volume formed because of the walls define an architectural structure.

Dear friends, any interior space is composed of some primary architectural elements such as walls, floor and ceiling. Depending upon the type of structural framework, the construction method would change. We always see experience and perceive any interior space in elevation. This means that walls are the first things of any structure that create an impact on our mind. The quality and volume formed because of the walls define an architectural structure. When we enter a building, what we primarily and dominantly perceive are walls. Let’s see how walls can be used as an excellent element in a bedroom design project. 1) Exposed Brick walls. In order to use these kind of walls it is necessary to preplan the interior design schedule. Normally if a brick wall is to be kept exposed (without plaster), it is built with high quality bricks which are machine cut for high quality and accuracy. Since bricks have their own color and texture, this option can be used to create a color contrast by keeping only one wall exposed and other with a contrasting color. This can add some interest in the bedroom. 2) Exposed plaster walls. An exposed plaster wall is a wall which has not been painted. These kind of walls are very rarely used in interiors. Since the plaster is a composite material using appropriate qualities of cement, sand and aggregate, the final material has a dull color. A dull color on a space like bedroom would express a kind of depression, hence is not recommended. But portions of a wall with preplanned design and sketching can be used in association with exposed brick wall. Design pattern with partly colored and partly exposed plaster can be a good idea. Or a completely exposed plaster wall with a design patter in grooves can be used effectively. 3) Wall with tile cladding. Tile cladding is what we see in kitchen above the cooking platform. Tile cladding is also used in bathrooms and toilets. These are normally ceramic tiles. In a bedroom interesting patterns can be created to fake the exposed brick wall mentioned above. Many excellent patters can be used just like a jigsaw puzzle. 4) Paint on walls. The word painting has two meanings here. a) A wall with plane colors applied to it. This is done above the plastered surface of the wall. Two or three coats of the desired shade of the color and base material are applied. b) Secondly, instead of using plane colors, the entire wall can be used as a “canvas” to paint a story or mural. This is a very good method to paint children bedrooms. Walls can be used as a storyboard to create interest. 5) Wallpapers. Applying a wallpaper is an excellent way to quickly change the look and feel of the bedroom. Depending upon the “theme” of the room many wallpaper patterns are available. Wallpapers are very good in large bedrooms. In large bedroom “emptiness” is a big problem. If there are not enough decorating elements available, a room might look empty. Here wallpapers can serve as fillers and quickly add some interest in the room. 6)Textured plaster walls. These kind of walls need special techniques to create a textured pattern on walls. Once a texture is applied any shade of paint can be used. One of the great thing about these walls is, when sunlight falls on them, a very interesting play of light and shadows gets created. Because of the undulations in the surface of the plaster, small shadows form on the surface of the wall, giving it a visual quality. A wall in the bedroom which receives direct sunlight should be chosen for this purpose. This article shows you how various options to the existing wall finishes are possible, that can enhance the quality of the bedroom interior space. I hope this article was informative to everyone. Published at: https://www.isnare.com/?aid=17584&ca=Home+Management

Wall Cladding and Wall Panels – Great Architectural Design Concepts

Architectural designs are preferred by many at the time of building their dream house. Several architectural design concepts like wall panels, wall cladding panels, room dividers, corten steel panels, corten screens; attractive shop fittings, etc. are considered by architects, home designers and by general public at the time of house renovation or building new houses. These design concepts are the heart and soul of any building project. If you are looking for innovative architectural house plans to build your dream house, then there are endless options from which you can choose as per your choice and budget. Not only this, there is a variety of interesting designs available from which you can make choice. These designs give you the opportunity to create customised house plans based on your specific requirements. You can take professional advice for your architectural plans. This will help you to figure out what exactly you want and need. By incorporating architectural design concepts such as wall cladding, corten steel panels, room dividers, wall panels, corten screens, etc. you can give your dream house an innovative & stylish look. There are several design companies that offer affordable design plans to the customers who are looking for cost-effective plans to design their house. In the end, it is entirely your responsibility to make a list of various things that you will require and then accordingly make the selection of elements that you think would suit for your new home needs. The reputation of the designer also plays a vital role in your final decision about your custom made architectural home plans. After all, no one would like to work with a designer who has no experience and expertise at customizing architectural plans. When you are taking efforts to build your new house, then why not consider the advice of professional home designer. This will help in adding perfection to your house plans. It is also very important to consider your budget as well. By conducting an online search, you will find several home designers, but it is very important to choose the one that you can afford to work with. Building your new dwelling in Australia is a great decision, but it needs proper planning and implementation. It also requires customizing every detail provided by you. You should also check out a variety of existing architectural house plans to get great ideas for your dream project. In this way, you don’t have to worry about compromising with home structures if you don’t find the perfect one, and you will not have to deal with repairs of maintenance costs when you opt for existing house plans. If you are contemplating new home build in Melbourne, then it is a great idea to research for options and to find the best professional home designer for your specific needs. By surfing sites on Internet, you will get wealth of knowledge on shop fittings, wall cladding panels, wall panels, room dividers, corten steel and corten screens. Having detailed study about these architectural design concepts will really help you at the time of your dream project. Published at: https://www.isnare.com/?aid=1255180&ca=Home+Management

Designer Wall Coverings – Give Your Home a Fresh Look

The remains of our ancestors past feature wall covering through paintings and carvings, proving the fact that since the beginning of human life men have always given special emphasis on creating beautiful living places, giving extra attention to wall interior designs. Times have changed but human nature has remained the same and the craving to create beautiful home interior has increased over the years. As the living standards of people have grown, the means of designing their home spaces have also grown in proportion and walls have always been the most important part of creating a perfect space. Nowadays, modern wall designs are becoming hugely popular amongst those who love to keep things stylish and unique.

Designer walls nowadays play an important part in giving your home a completely new and fresh look. Modern wall coverings come in so many different patterns and designs that they can easily suit the mood and taste of everyone. If you are looking for the best way to completely redesign your home then the first thing that you should do is consider changing your wall interior designs, as the walls of your home are what form the base of any room. Apart from giving your home a new look; these wall coverings also work in great ways to protect your walls from harsh weather conditions and other elements. These come in a number of varieties and qualities, giving you ample of choice.

If you are planning to redo your ceilings and walls with modern wall designs then it is important that you choose carefully keeping in mind certain important factors. It is true that designer wall coverings can give your home a completely new vibe and positive feel; they can also brighten up your entire room, but if you make a wrong choice then your room and home can have really dull and boring look giving your place a very gloomy feel. Therefore, it is important that the designs that you are choosing must completely suit the needs and style of the place they are being installed in. Making the right choice or finding a specific wall covering is not all that difficult these days as a lot of home furnishing companies come up with an extensive range that features wall coverings in variety of styles and designs to suit all kind of needs.

They are available in a variety of material. The most commonly used designer coverings are, embossed, foil covering, flocked paper covering and different types of vinyl coverings. However, wall interior designs coverings are also available in special materials, like cloth, silk, burlap, Mylar, bamboo and grass. However, for this kind of material you will need professional assistance, as it is very difficult for someone without proper expertise to install, handle and maintain these types of covering.

Consolidated Carpet Industries Ltd. a complete Indian flooring company driven by conviction and excellence, CCIL Offering High Quality wall coverings such as Designer wall covering, feature wall covering, wall interior designs and modern wall covering.

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10 Beautiful Designer Wall Clocks That Will Spark a Conversation

Simply copy and paste the descriptions here into Google Shopping search box or paste in Google and look for the shopping link with an image displayed, to reveal the images of the designer wall clocks described.

1. Infinity Instruments 13465BK Wall Clock – This is one of those perky little wall clocks that has more to it than meets the eye. At first glance it comes off as a stylish birdhouse with many happy colors. On closer inspection, however, this Dali inspired time piece reveals a melting 6 and an escaping 10. Where is the time going?

2. Gwyneth Designer Clock – This sleek looking clock has a cutting edge feel with a classic pendulum design. Its elongated shape is emphasized by the shiny silver border surrounding the clock’s face.

3. Designer Clock For Wall with Silver Tone Finish – this explosive work of art is reminiscent of the sun, or perhaps a circle of lollipops. Bright shining silver and simple geometric figures are repeated around the face of this playful design.

4. Designer Orbit Silver Balls Modern Art Clock – This shiny companion to the timepiece above shares its cool silver finish but more resembles atoms orbiting their nucleus. The silver ball shapes are places at uneven intervals along bent metallic cylinders. Those that like science will love these interesting pieces of art.

5. Damask Waverly Essence Onyx Black and Ivory Designer Chic – This regal looking piece has a square clock with black boarders. Its face has a matching, black on white, classic frill design look.

6. Viviana Clock 38″ – This timepiece absolutely swims with movement around its vined outer face. Intricately bent metal patterns adorn this mandala inspired clock.

7. Infinity Instruments 12071 Wall Clock Rusty Gears Designer Clock 12071 – This antique looking designer wall clock looks like it was torn straight from the pages of history with its rusty gears and antique metal hands. Its yellowed color suggests it has seen many centuries pass by its ever watchful face.

8. Polished Station Clock, Ridgeway Chantecler – Need to catch a train? This old style clock rewinds time with its vintage style and unique mounting. It’s hard not to appreciate this time tested piece of American history

9. Uttermost Rusty Movements Clock – For all the Steampunk fans out there, this may be just the clock for you. 3 rusty, worn gears interact to make this unusual timepiece.

10. Sonic Clock – At first glance this futuristic looking timepiece looks like a thermometer but upon closer inspection proves to be an inspired digital timepiece. The neon green face glows with promises of otherworldly encounters. This piece is bordered in white with only a 12 and 6 showing near its face.

I hope this has given you some good ideas for selecting designer wall clocks for your home that will not only help you stay on time, but make your living space look absolutely chic.

Dave Stevens writes more about designer wall clocks [http://www.kitchenwall-clocks.com/designer-wall-clocks.php] at: [http://www.kitchenwall-clocks.com/designer-wall-clocks.php]

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How to Create a Quilting Design Wall

A design wall is a place on a wall where we can hang units of a quilt. This permits the quilter to stand back and scrutinize the design before sewing the quilt. Quilters often dangle batting or plain white flannel on their design walls, because quilt blocks tend to stick to it effortlessly without pinning.

A design wall is one of the tools that are of immense advantage to any quilt-maker. It allows her to stand back and assess the flow of colors, the combination effect and the effects of various patterns in a current quilt making project. In the initial stages, a design wall helps us to cut out and accumulate block or appliqué pieces to assess whether the selection and combination of colors are working. As work progresses, we can also mount each new section as and when we finish so that we can assess the work and make necessary changes. You can make various color adjustments in the borders based on what you perceive about the middle of the quilt while it hangs on the design wall.

How to Create a Design Wall

A further piece of good news is that a design wall is not difficult to make at all. However we must take certain aspects into consideration.

o The size – The larger the area of the wall, the bigger the design wall can be. It is best to have the design wall on a wall that you can stand at least eight feet away from. The best way to analyze a design is to review it standing away from it. The next decision to be taken is whether the design wall needs to be portable or fixed. If portable, then it needs to be small in size.

o The fabric – Depending on the size of the design wall, we need to buy fabric for both the front and the back, and cut it to the preferred size. The fabric used at the back can be the same that is used in front. We must keep in mind not to use too heavy a fabric. If the design wall is big enough to require seaming together the fabrics, using a flannel sheet can be considered. It is a good idea to pre wash all fabric used.

o The batting – Polyester is not a first-rate option for a design wall since it tends to have a good deal of loft and pills. A total cotton batting is the best choice. Quilts made with cotton batts are popular all the year round. They do not hold heat and make you feel cooler during summers. At the same time, they absorb and trap air and keep you warm on cold wintry nights.

For making the design wall, we need to stick the three layers of fabric that go into the making of the quit, batting and fastening them together with the help of safety pins. Using a walking foot, we need to stitch on the vertical, marked line down the center of the fabric and continue sewing vertical lines out to the rim of the fabric. Once that is done, we need to stitch the horizontal lines in the same manner. Once the entire vertical as well as the horizontal lines is sewn, we need to straighten and square the edges.

Now we are ready to hang our design wall and start using it. We just need to place bits of fabrics, blocks or quilt tops on the design wall, bring into line the corners and boundaries with the stitching lines. The consistency of the flannel will cause the fabric to fasten. There are times when we can use straight pins to break through the batting. This proves helpful in keeping all the sections in place.

Using a design wall will add a new level of creativity and life to your quilting and assure a design you’ll be happy with for years to come.

Jan Myers is the author of numerous free articles about quilting, including quilting “how-to’s”, the historical significance of quilts, and stories about quilts through the years that warm the heart. She is the found of the Quilting Resource Center at QuiltingResourceCenter.com

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Black Wall Paint – Interior Design Wall Painting Looking Outside the Box For Color

Many people are very comfortable with the color white on their walls, because they see it everywhere. How about the color black? What about adding the black paint to a room in your home? Is black a viable option or something too far over the top?

Adding paint to a room in your home is a big undertaking; first you must look carefully at the size of the room, the furniture, flooring, fabrics and even the way the natural light comes in. Also in the mix is the colors that you love and do they match what you have in the room now. It is no easy task to come up with a color scheme that works well with what you like and what you currently own.

Back to the question is black paint a good option? Many people would say no of course not, it is too dark. I disagree it is very striking and amazing when used correctly. Typically it would be used in a more modern theme, more of a contemporary theme. Yet you can also use it even with more traditional furniture.

Black is a “big” statement color. It really gives the feeling of sophistication. The key is to make sure you use the color black as a dominate accent color in each of your other rooms, especially the rooms that are adjacent to your black room.

The color black will dominate the room often people will just use black and white. I like those combinations but I always suggest that you add at least one strong accent color used sparsely around the room. Remember your eye goes to color and you do not want it stuck only on the black walls you want them simply as a back drop and then the eye bounces around the room to the other color to take in the entire room.

You can use it in large or small rooms. Don’t be afraid of it, one suggestion, as always paint a sample piece, for this color I suggest the larger the better so you get the real feel of how the color will work in your room. Also use a good tented primer as the base coat so you use less coats of paint.

The accent color is where you can go crazy and have fun a bright yellow or orange is amazing, also purple or blue works well. Have fun walk on the wild side a little, after all if you don’t like it you simply paint over it.

For more helpful tips and complete directions for many Interior Design Projects check out this amazing 300 page full colored instructional training on virtually any design project. It also has great bonus material, please follow me to [http://www.ThePaintColorIdeas.com]

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Use Your Own Masterpiece to Design Wall Clings

he designs available for wall clings or stickers are only limited by the customer’s imagination. A customer may use his/her own work art, if he has, to use as a design. For example, photography enthusiasts may upload an image of their latest shot and use the wall cling as a decoration of their home or office. Even artists can create their own digital art and have the design as their wallpaper at home.

To avail of wall clings printing, customers may access online printing services. These companies let their customers make their own designs for their printed materials through an online design tool or through design file upload. The uploaded designs are proofed first before having printed by the company’s prepress team. The corrected file is sent back to the customer for some final touches and approval. The customer sends it back for printing, and after a day, the finished product is shipped to them. The turnaround day can possibly last just for one business day if the customer was able to turn in the design early, before the cut-off time.

Wall stickers printing are done on adhesive fabric that is good for flat and smooth surfaces. Wall clings and stickers are available on standard sizes 16 x 20″, 18 x 24″, 20 x 30″, 24″ x 36″, and 28″ x 40″. The matte-coated adhesive fiber is good for indoor use, but not so much for outdoors, since the fiber is only fade-resistant but not weatherproof. The fiber, however, is repositionable, so the cling can be transferred from outdoors to indoors if the customer wants to protect it from the harshness of weather.

This article aims to provide valuable information regarding wall clings printing [http://www.uprinting.com/Wall-Clings-Printing.html] jobs. To find more related printing services, please feel free to visit Wall Sticker Printing – UPrinting.com.

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